We’ve got building performance and infrastructure investment down to a science.

With Bractlet, you can use applied science to calibrate the performance of your buildings and make smarter investment decisions for maximum profitability and long-term value.


Our Ground­breaking Ecosystem Approach

Any building is a complex interrelationship among people, systems, infrastructure and environment - an ecosystem. Bractlet understands how those different players interact with and affect each other, as well as the value of the property. Our solutions make that understanding visible and actionable.

The Bractlet Intelligence Engine

Get the most accurate, comprehensive and predictive performance intelligence available. Data is captured from the entire building ecosystem. Analysis factors in: physics-based modeling, building system engineering, and real estate investing acumen. Results in insights and recommendations you can't get anywhere else.

Investment Decision Lab

Driven by the Bractlet Intelligence Engine, the Lab enables you to model different investment alternatives and accurately predict the performance outcomes. By experimenting with various options, it's easy to make smarter, data-driven decisions that improve the tenant experience while maximizing the building's profitability and ultimate value.