Real-time energy intelligence...     and so much more

Advanced energy analytics. Improved asset management. Simplified measurement and reporting. Efficient operations and maintenance. All powered by building energy simulation models.


Act with confidence

We understand that every building and customer is different, which is why we developed software that allows you to tailor and prioritize opportunities to meet your objectives. Bractlet projects are agnostic to any particular solution, technology, or manufacturer and are backed by our energy savings guarantee, ensuring our interests are aligned with yours.


Advanced Measurement and Verification

Bractlet’s accurate simulation models and real-time data allow for constant verification of building performance and each savings measure, allowing for quick, corrective action if issues arise. 


Seamless and Efficient O&M

Bractlet enables intelligent operational and maintenance programs by providing customized dashboards to give insight into building operations, helping to catch equipment failures before they happen, and prioritizing alarms and alerts to ensure seamless and efficient operations.


Attain recognition for your buildings

Using the same data sets as Energy Star, Bractlet benchmarks your building so you can understand how your building compares to others. We can then work with certification programs like Energy Star and LEED to ensure your building is recognized for its improvements